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Animal Collective
gradually love Geologist. now i know your prettiness. hahaha

copying of Panda Bear
interested in his t shirts. cool.

Bradford Cox from Deerhunter/atlas sound
It may be first time to draw the guitar nicely. thank you bradford :)

Owen Pallett
this violin looks little bit big. kind viola. gosh

Panda Bear

Owen Pallett
Anand from Yeasayer

these were inspired by traditional pattern of native americans.
Anand has a bell because I really love to see him ringing it when "Ambling Alp" beginning.

the situation was like: they're just fighting with a huge cockroach in the basement.
this is precious fanart because Yeasayer's manager found it and introduced on their official blog (here!), twitter and facebook.
it was like a dream :)

it's a shame i forgot drawing straps of his shoes. hahaha

Zooey Deschanel
yey! that's my favorite one :)

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