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I just became football fan about a year ago, I'm still kind of new. But I found myself that have drawn about 20 pieces!

This was drawn after 6-2 clasico, that was really amazig game. But I know few things about Barcelona, I made a spelling error in this pic. hehe

Before becoming football fan, I already loved Dirk Kuyt when Korea-Japan World Cup in 2002. I'm excited for Japan will face to Netherlands soon!

El Niño:actuary I don't like this because some people may not realize this is Torres. I'll work hard for developing my skill...
anyway, love his long hair :)

left:Iniesta(drawn without any photos of him), right:Iniesta(with his photo)
Sometime he's said looking after Kewpie. I totally agree with that!

If you see my football fanarts, you'll soon realize I'm a huge fan of Leo. Exactly.

Ibra! Just Do It! This was the first time to draw him, yeah I didn't know much about him at that time. You can also see that, can't you?

Pique muy guapo:) I'm fascinated with his positive attitude! really good man.

What the thing I love about barca is; A good relation between Barca and Chupa Chups. Because Chupa Chups has been official sponsor of Barca, I enjoyed drawing Messi in lollipops!

Inter has two adorable strikers in 09/10. Remember this.

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