World Cup!

Argentina 1-0 Nigeria




I drew argie pic for WC2010! Thank you for everyone who saw it & gave pleasant comments :)
Love Argentina!(click for high-les)

First of all, I'm relived with winning their opening game vs Nigeria. Although they didn't play well, they've got 3 points from African team! yey :3 It's difficult to face to them because there was like home stadium for all of African teams.

Almost all of mass media says "This will be Messi's world cup", they slightly  highlight Leo in Japan. I always feel sorry to him when he made him speak same things so many times, but also just enjoying seeing him a lot on TV. Yes, he's so adorable hehe ;) I hope he's not stressed out with media scrutinies from whole the world. keep calm!

It's a shame that Di Maria and Higuain didn't play at good level. They might feel nerves because of the first attendant to World Cup :3 Be more aggressive and I wanna see Pastore on the pitch next time!


I see you Pastore :) I laughed at someone said " Maradona in suit looked like a boss of mafia. and Messi was like a his grandson know nothing about dark side." Yes exactly!

"Oh my grandson!" lol

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