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this is probably the oldest illustration of me i have. alfie is in my top 10 bands forever. their music is mellow and beautiful because they have lots of orchestra instruments such as horn, trumpet, contra bass, cello and flute etc. and the vocalist Lee Gorton's meow-meow voice is so precious. their music represents the warm side of Manchester. Can you imagine how i felt sad when their split was announced? lol

another fanart of alfie. I really love Matt McGeever who played cello and guitar in this band. Anyone knows about what he's doing recently?

Abi from the zutons. when i was in high school, i was really into Liverpool music scene. I love her powerful and charming performance.

Ben Ottewell from Gomez.  pencil on paper. NICE GUY ANYWAY

James and Ian of skelly brothers from the coral. the most adorable brothers for me :)

maybe the first pic of full member of animal collective. looks cheap lol.
i remember i could find very few pictures of them while drawing it. now we can find a lot, i appreciate for them to become famous very much :)

copying from the video "Who Could Win A Rabbit?" of course it's my favorite vid!

Matt Hales from Aqualung.

Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys
i just listened only 1st album. They're sensation to whole the world because they became famous with free mp3 data that their fans made. that's kind of the turning point for music industry, right?
anyway, i loved "Red Light Indicates Doors Are Secured"! oh, their song titles were too long to remember completely...

Euros Childs from Gorky's Zygotic Mynci
another idol for me. his uniqueness should be protected as a national treasure!

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