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Now I'm preparing drawing productions. one is for a comic, another is for an animation. wish I'll make them out as soon as possible! 

by the way, I was thinking like I have to post something about music because this page has been filled with football lol
But this year, Indie Pop scene is really hot for me from the beginning of the year :) it still lasts! so I'm gonna post some music I'm just into!
The Way Out / The Books
In fact I've just found this duo recently... but they've worked nearly 10 years and already released 3rd albums. This is their 4th! gosh, I have to know them more faster.
It's gonna be launched at 20 July, so I have only 2 songs which can be downloaded from music news sites. sounds mixture of acoustic, experimental, and electronic taste. In this album they've collected samples from voices, I heard they even sampled from Gandhi's ;) it's really experimental and cooool. Although their musical taste is little bit difficult to fit in with, you can find bright phrase or beautiful melodies from them. after listening for a while, I became the one of their big fans!!

and I've found an awesome song from Youtube. unfortunately it's only on their DVD...
The Books - Classy Penguin 

Next! Jim Noir's brand new EP is available to download for free :)
Yes finally! You can download at http://jimnoir.com/
as always his new songs are great toooo! pretty classical! just like I'm watching retro films of Manchester. When I listen to him I always imagine scenery of Manchester. in music matter, I love into the city so much (how about in case of football? i don't know)

The Last one. The Coral released their 5th album "Butterfly House"!
This album's producer is John Leckie. Do you know who he is? He is famous for producing The Stone Roses's albums. It's really amazing thing.
Since their 4th album I could not be interested in them as past because Bill Ryder-Jones's leaving caused decreasing thier uniqueness... I thought they're just like the band of country music. but I realized they step to next level. they're gonna be modern The Byrds!
Of course I'm fan of James's lovely and gentle voice, but I'd prefer Ian's drum sounds. warm, cute and soft. He is only the drummer I can recognize him hearing sounds without his name. just listen!

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