focus on me

I made a slide show of my fanarts with a favorite song!
so fun to see my works on the song "What to Say" by Born Ruffians...
Totally just satisfied my own ego though :)

It's made by using "Movie Maker" that's a built-in software in Microsoft Windows. looks so cheap isn't it lol
but this time I made this only for the purpose of testing how fun to work with music. I've never wanted to make a movie because I didn't know anything about doing... Time to change! I learned that make something with favorite music was precious thing! I've been excited during editing even though it required just simple tasks. 

In the near future I'll try to make a fan video for another my favorite song :)
If someone mentions about lacking of my editing skills, I would excuse like "That's DIY!" yeah.

by the way, i drew two requested Jeffren pics :)
with Chihuahua☆

another one. hope he stay at Barcelona! 
the right one is called トドック the character of Coop Sapporo. how cute(*'ω'*)

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