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Argentina 0-4 Germany

I have no words for review of this match hahaha.
I've concerned that Maradona might continue being coach of argentina. NO WAY LOL we need an expert not idol or hero for it. But some of players asked him to continue...for what? I have no idea. He was the reason why Argentina lost with such a terrible result.

anyway, poor argies! Leo didn't cry on the pitch, but I heard he started doing at the locker room :( such strong that holding back his tear in front of public... Kun, Higuain and Burdisso comforted him. I was glad to know that. Nico, such a great man!

Now I start imagining 4years later :) Leo & Higuain will be 27, Kun & Di Maria will be 26, and Pastore will be 24! they will improve their skills and sounds gooood! hope they all will be selected once more.

who's that old man? I've been interested in him! looks so wise or gentle doesn't he? 

why oh why. but well done leo! have some rests now. 

although it's not perfect selection, I love to see them enjoying football. 

nico(*゚ー゚*) I'll check you at Rome's games in next season!

I was relived that Argentine people welcomed them warmly. haha sleepy Heinze looks cuter :) thanks & big hag for all!

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